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What Makes EverPup So Delicious?

Dogs love the taste of EverPup — they seem to go crazy for the delicious flavor.  When the jar runs out, folks feel bad (myself included), because dogs miss the taste. My Bjorn likes the taste of EverPup so much,…

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Probiotics: The Scoop on Happy Dogs Poop

Happy dogs make happy poop. What’s happy poop look like? Well, think of the last time you had to clean up after your dog’s diarrhea. (I know, that’s not a happy memory of a happy sight.) Now think of the…

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Why Should I use a Supplement if I am Already Feeding a Good Diet?

Do dogs need supplements if they’re getting a good diet? Long ago, the answer may have been no. But in modern times, dogs definitely do need supplements to stay healthy. With over 1,305 “National Priority Sites” — sites classified by…

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Invisible Enemies Your Dog May Face

“Invisible enemies” is the term I use to describe the unseen chemicals, pollutants, and toxins that surround us in our modern life. It sounds a little dramatic to some, I know. But when I read the research on what things…

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Why I Give My Dog the EverPup Dog Supplement – Dr. Demian Dressler

This is my dog, Bjorn. He looks like a puppy to most people, so I don’t usually tell them that he is going on 13. He’ll always be a puppy to me, of course. Some people are dog lovers and…

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