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The World From Our Dogs’ Eyes

If dogs could talk, what would they tell us? What does life look like through their eyes? Watch this heartwarming video to get a glimpse of the world from our dogs’ eyes.

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Would You Sell Your Dog?

Dogs are a part of our family, and we wouldn’t give them up for anything. Not even $100,000. Watch this video to see a man trying to buy dogs from dog lovers for $100,000. And, watch him get turned away.

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Healthy Skin is Key to Relieve Itching in Dogs

  Just as with humans, all kinds of things cause itching in dogs. And, just as with humans, a dog’s occasional itchiness is not a cause for concern. However, if your dog seems to be obsessively scratching, chewing, or licking…

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Soldier Reunites with His Pup

We dogs love to show our affection — it’s why we’re with you humans in the first place. If this joyful reunion doesn’t demonstrate the bond between our two species, I don’t know what else could!

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What Makes EverPup So Delicious?

Dogs love the taste of EverPup — they seem to go crazy for the delicious flavor.  When the jar runs out, folks feel bad (myself included), because dogs miss the taste. My Bjorn likes the taste of EverPup so much,…

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Probiotics: The Scoop on Happy Dogs Poop

Happy dogs make happy poop. What’s happy poop look like? Well, think of the last time you had to clean up after your dog’s diarrhea. (I know, that’s not a happy memory of a happy sight.) Now think of the…

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