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EverPup® is happy to answer questions about this fantastic supplement. If your question isn't answered below, please contact us.

At what age can my dog start using EverPup?

We may see less vitality in our dogs in their second half of life, which is why EverPup is specially designed for mature dogs from the age of four. But dogs of all ages are affected by the "invisible enemies" found in modern life ... which is why many dog lovers give even their younger pups EverPup. EverPup is perfectly safe and effective for all dogs -- so if you would like to start earlier, no problem!

My dog is on a multivitamin and also eats commercial dog food with vitamins in it. Can EverPup replace the multi, or should I give both, or what?

Many commercial dog foods state that they are balanced and complete and it is impossible to address every brand here. Some dog foods make a point of telling you that they have vitamins and minerals included as part of their marketing.

It’s true that EverPup is a multivitamin and mineral supplement and therefore can replace the usual vitamin supplements commonly found on the market.

But Everpup is so much more than a vitamin supplement. With ingredients like luteolin, curcumin, glucosamine, and probiotics (and many others), there is no other supplement that provides this level of support. The vitamins and minerals are there for their health benefits and to ensure that this really IS the ultimate daily dog supplement.

So yes, if your dog is already taking a multi-vitamin, you can replace it with EverPup. For more on supplementing even a high quality diet, please explore the Blog, and specifically these posts:

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My dog has been on Apocaps – should I switch to EverPup, or use it instead of Apocaps?

Apocaps is used to normalise apoptosis levels in the body, and EverPup is designed to assist a healthy dog in staying healthy -- so EverPup is not a replacement for Apocaps. EverPup includes some of the same ingredients as Apocaps, but in much lower amounts and a different formulation. Apocaps is engineered for very specific reasons that do not apply to all dogs. Everpup, on the other hand, has many ingredients that are not found in Apocaps, which serve different beneficial purposes for maintenance of normal health and protection from the "invisible enemies" found in modern living.

If your dog has been on Apocaps and you like the results, Dr. Dressler suggests continuing Apocaps. If you would like to add EverPup, that may be beneficial for your dog because of the other ingredients and the ease of administration.

As in any change in diet or supplements, check with your vet about what’s right for your own dog.

How many calories are in EverPup?

There are 20 calories in a single serving of EverPup.

Where can I find a label to print out?

Please go to this page, where there is a link to a downloadable PDF version of the product label.

EverPup Label

What are the amounts of the different ingredients included in the proprietary blend?

The proprietary blend is Dr. Dressler’s “secret recipe,” based on years of research, and is the reason that EverPup is such a unique supplement. The blend is based on his careful consideration of the interaction between holistic body health and living in our industrialised world for dogs. This "special sauce" is the best dose for a healthy dog to help fend off the "invisible enemies" of modern living. It took several years for him to get this proprietary blend just right.

I have to watch my dog’s protein and phosphorus levels, so I feed a low-protein diet. Can I give EverPup?

The amount of protein in EverPup is very, very low, and should be compatible with a low-protein diet. Since phosphorus is usually found in protein in the diet, this should also not be a concern.

How many scoops of EverPup are in a jar?

Each jar of EverPup contains thirty scoops of supplement, making one jar a thirty day supply for the average size dog.

Can I give my dog EverPup without mixing it into food?

If your dog is the rare one who doesn’t like EverPup’s taste, you can use empty gelatin capsules to put the powder in. Pour the powder into the larger half of the capsule (a small funnel helps), pop the other half on, and feed it to him as you would any other capsule. You can mix it into his food, use a Pill Pocket, or slip it into a scoop of peanut butter or yogurt. Empty gelatin capsules can be found in many pharmacies and health food stores and come in several sizes.

My dog eats dry food. How do I give this powder?

It couldn’t be easier. Just mix EverPup with a little water and make a delicious gravy to pour over your dog’s dry food. Dogs lap it up!

Do I just mix the powder into his food?

Yes – that’s exactly right. Just mix EverPup into your dog’s food at mealtimes and watch your dog chow down.

Does EverPup have Vitamin C in it?

Yes, in abundant quantities! Everpup contains ascorbyl palmitate, also known as "Vitamin C Ester." This is an exceptionally bioavailable source of Vitamin C, which means that it is easily absorbed. However, it is not straight ascorbic acid (which is the chemical Vitamin C). This is why it is not included as "Vitamin C" on the nutritional panel. This form was chosen because it assists penetration into fat tissue as well as water-based areas of the body.

Can I give EverPup to my pregnant or breeding dogs?

Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Rather than affect newly forming pups in the womb, let Mother Nature do her job there and use EverPup with your other healthy, adult dogs so they can thrive!

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