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Healthy Skin is Key to Relieve Itching in Dogs

  Just as with humans, all kinds of things cause itching in dogs And, just as with humans,

What Makes EverPup So Delicious?

Dogs love the taste of EverPup -- they seem to go crazy for the delicious flavorĀ  When the jar

Why Should I use a Supplement if I am Already Feeding a Good Diet?

Do dogs need supplements if they're getting a good diet Long ago, the answer may have been no

Why I Give My Dog the EverPup Dog Supplement – Dr. Demian Dressler

This is my dog, Bjorn He looks like a puppy to most people, so I don't usually tell them that he is

Soldier Reunites with His Pup


We dogs love to show our affection -- it's why we're with you humans in the first place If this joyful reunion doesn't demonstrate the bond between our two species, I don't know what else

Probiotics: The Scoop on Happy Dogs Poop


Happy dogs make happy poop What's happy poop look like Well, think of the last time you had to clean up after your dog's diarrhea (I know, that's not a happy memory of a happy sight) Now think of the opposite Happy poops are firm (not gooey, not rock hard), medium brown, and relatively inoffensive in their smell They're easy to pick up, and you don't turn your head and gag when you close up the poop bag Healthy poops like these are a sign of intestinal health It turns out the intestines are a very busy place in your dog This exceptionally long tube that stretches from your dog's stomach to his, er, bum, is filled with activity All sorts of wonderful things are absorbed by the

Invisible Enemies Your Dog May Face


"Invisible enemies" is the term I use to describe the unseen chemicals, pollutants, and toxins that surround us in our modern life It sounds a little dramatic to some, I know But when I read the research on what things like second-hand smoke, lawn chemicals, and other pollutants can do to the body, I mean exactly what I say These things are enemies, and we need to take steps to protect our dogs from them Because dogs and other household pets are often used in human research, and their health patterns are considered "sentinels" for what's happening to humans, there are a lot of studies that show directly just how vulnerable dogs are Take cigarette smoke, for example Most of us have