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Happy National Pet Day! How Are You Celebrating?

National Pet Day is celebrated every year on April 11. And, is a holiday that encourages all of us to give your dogs (and other pets) a little extra love (if that’s even possible)! We love our dogs so much.…

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Is That Actually Toxic to My Dog?

The month of March is Pet Poison Awareness Month. Here at EverPup, we are determined to help you keep your pet safe. And, understanding what’s toxic to your dog is a part of that goal. We have found a video…

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5 DIY Dog Beds

Why spend a lot at the store when you can make your own dog bed? We’ve scoured the internet and found the best videos to show you how to make 5 DIY dog beds from materials you might already have at…

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Does Your Dog Decorate the Tree?

Our dogs help us with many activities. Does your dog help you decorate the Christmas Tree? The dog in this video is ready for Santa Paws to arrive.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiSRF6cOuMc

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Kids and Dogs are the Best of Friends

Dogs are a part of our family. And, there’s no question dogs and children belong together. Did you grow up with a dog as your best friend?

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Service Dog Makes the Most Adorable Mistake

Dogs are so connected to us. That’s why they’re known to be man’s best friend. But, even service dogs make mistakes once in a while. And, this dog just made the most adorable mistake.

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