Invisible Enemies Your Dog May Face

“Invisible enemies” is the term I use to describe the unseen chemicals, pollutants, and toxins that surround us in our modern life. It sounds a little dramatic to some, I know. But when I read the research on what things like second-hand smoke, lawn chemicals, and other pollutants can do to the body, I mean exactly what I say. These things are enemies, and we need to take steps to protect our dogs from them.

Because dogs and other household pets are often used in human research, and their health patterns are considered “sentinels” for what’s happening to humans, there are a lot of studies that show directly just how vulnerable dogs are.

Take cigarette smoke, for example. Most of us have fully accepted that secondhand smoke is no good for us, and the same is true for our four-legged family members. The truth is that cigarette smoke can cause cancer in dogs, especially if they have long muzzles, like collies do.

Secondhand smoke also impairs the brain’s ability to think well. And it’s no good for the heart either. Breathing secondhand smoke is almost as bad for the nonsmoker as it is for the person doing the smoking.

This is why I have long advocated keeping the air in your home as fresh and clean as possible. Air filtration is helpful — especially if you are a smoker. And if it’s possible to stop smoking around other people and your dog — do.

Another common invisible enemy is lawn chemicals. Many have been found to be cancer causing in studies. These are definitely invisible enemies for your loved dog. If you spray your yard with weed killers (herbicides) be sure to keep your pooch far away and make sure it dries before there is any physical contact. You can even wash your dog’s feet — especially the pads — with soap and water after visiting the park, where grass is often sprayed with herbicides and pesticides.

Another invisible enemy is found in air pollution, especially car exhaust. These inhaled chemicals increase cancers. They also create irritation in the lungs that could lead to asthma and are bad for the heart. If you’re walking along busy roadways, you and your dog might be exposed to these invisible enemies. Is there someplace else you could walk? It might be worth a little extra effort.

Practically speaking, we cannot avoid all of these or any other invisible enemies. Living life in a plastic bubble just wouldn’t be worth it — certainly not for our bouncy, exuberant dogs.

That’s why I invented EverPup in the first place, and made sure that we put as many excellent supplements as possible in the jar. It’s important to counteract invisible enemies on a regular basis — so we can relax and know that, with every meal, we’re doing something good for our dogs. EverPup is specifically designed to help keep your dog’s internal organs, immunity, cells, DNA, and overall health vigorous and strong. EverPup has vitamins and minerals, of course, but also specialized herbal and plant extracts designed for health in a modern world.

Be well, and remember to enjoy yourself and your dog. That’s what we’re all here for.


Dr. D