Why I Give My Dog the EverPup Dog Supplement – Dr. Demian Dressler

My Dog Bjorn - He Uses The EverPup Dog SupplementThis is my dog, Bjorn. He looks like a puppy to most people, so I don’t usually tell them that he is going on 13. He’ll always be a puppy to me, of course. Some people are dog lovers and some are Dog Lovers. I’m definitely a Dog Lover — and I always have been.

Bjorn is a case in point. I’ve had many dogs in my life, but Bjorn is what my friends call a “veterinarian’s special.” He started out life with a host of problems, mostly associated with his joints. I ended up adopting him because no one would do a special surgery for him but me. I fell in love, and have been happy to be his dad … despite the fact that he has also needed surgeries for bad joints, allergies, and intestinal issues. Then on top of all of this, his malformed joints created severe arthritis in all four limbs.

Pretty bad, right? Good thing I own my own veterinary hospital.

I call Bjorn my loved boy. Because he is. Even though, in addition to all the physical problems, he has also suffered from mental challenges. He could never figure things out very well, and he was terribly claustrophobic, almost ridiculously so. (I attribute these issues to bad breeding practices, by the way.)

To top it all off, Bjorn doesn’t tolerate most medications. He gets severe intestinal problems that result in episodes you don’t want to hear about and I don’t want to remember. He can’t eat just anything, either — he will vomit and have diarrhea unless he is on his special allergy diet.

And yet, when people meet him these days, they don’t realize just how challenging his life has been. And that smile you see on his face? It’s there most of the time.

If I hadn’t watched him change over the years myself, I wouldn’t be confident in saying this: but Bjorn’s current state of health and happiness is because of the EverPup dog supplement.

Several years ago I started developing the first super-supplement for healthy dogs (what’s now called the EverPup dog supplement). It came about naturally as part of my journey investigating dog cancer and writing about it in what has become a very popular book about dogs with cancer. As I researched, I found things that could really help dogs. Which was great. But still, the question was asked — by my readers and by myself — “But how can I keep a healthy dog healthy?”

This is not an easy question, and I wrestled with it for years. There are so many supplements, and so many ways to combine them. And they can interact with each other. Taking a kitchen sink approach, where you just give everything you can think, is not always the best thing to do. Also, giving all of these supplements separately was time consuming, expensive, and just plain silly.

If your dog is healthy, why would you give him a pill? It doesn’t make sense.

But Bjorn was my inspiration. When I developed Apocaps, I didn’t have a direct experience of what it was like to actually give that nutraceutical to my own dog. Thankfully, Bjorn is cancer-free. So when I heard that people liked it, I felt great, and satisfied. But I didn’t really understand how they felt until I started giving Bjorn EverPup formulas that really made a difference in his energy and vitality. Seeing him thrive — and then the difference when we ran out of a prototype, which happened a few times — was a really emotional experience for me.

I began to understand something about what EverPup could do. By restoring the joy in Bjorn, I was also restoring my own joy. By protecting Bjorn in the best way I could from the invisible enemies found in our modern life, I was protecting our relationship, and our love, too.

Bjorn was the first EverPup, the first to gobble the deep green powder — sometimes by licking it straight out of the jar.

Bjorn wolfs his meals with EverPup — something he’s never done before, because he is pretty finicky with his bad stomach.
He has also become so full of energy I am simply amazed. Remember, this is a dog with joints that by rights should have him crying all day (people with joints like these are in great pain). But even casual acquaintances have noticed that his energy and bounce is positively puppy-like — and I agree.

But the most astonishing change I’ve seen is that he seems to have become smarter. Here’s one story to show you why I think this.

Bjorn has always had terrible claustrophobia. My wife Allison and I have had to escort him through a “narrow” passage between couch and table … which is about  five feet wide. Heaven forbid we put a large box in the middle of a room — it freaks him out and freezes him.

That’s why I was so shocked the other day. I came home to find Bjorn sitting in the middle of my street, about 50 feet away from my house. How did he get out? We leave the doors locked. There’s a cat door, but he would never consider using it. I figured Allison must have left a door wide open. I went to get Bjorn, picked him up bodily (because I didn’t have a leash) and brought him back into the house.

I went through the house checking doors. The sliding glass door was open, but the screen door was locked. How did he get out?

I shrugged it off, and closed the heavy sliding glass door. I left a little space — an inch, no more, for air (it’s warm in Hawaii). I went back to the car and finished unpacking. When I came back in, I called for Bjorn, but he didn’t come. I couldn’t find him. Following my intuition, I headed back outside and down the street. Sure enough, there was Bjorn, sitting again in the middle of the street! This was so unusual that it actually crossed my mind that I was hallucinating.

I picked him up again, and walked back into the house, looking for the place where he had exited. That’s when I really started wondering if I was going crazy.

Claustrophobic, mentally challenged Bjorn had pushed the heavy sliding door open with his snout, and then crouched down to exit the house through the cat door in the screen!

This may not sound like much of an accomplishment, but for my Bjorn, who in the past could not walk too close to a cardboard box without stopping in his tracks in a fit of claustrophobia, this is an amazing transformation. And to angle his body to get through the cat door with his joint disease is astonishing.

I am still watching my beloved doggie improve and maintain his good health — not because of a change in diet, new medications, or anything else. It’s the EverPup dog supplement.

Bjorn was the first EverPup, and he will always be one. May his life be long and happy — and may your dog’s life be long and happy, too.

Enjoy your life with your dog!


Dr. D