Why I Give My Dog the EverPup Dog Supplement – Dr. Demian Dressler


This is my dog, Bjorn He looks like a puppy to most people, so I don't usually tell them that he is going on 13 He'll always be a puppy to me, of course Some people are dog lovers and some are Dog Lovers I'm definitely a Dog Lover -- and I always have been Bjorn is a case in point I've had many dogs in my life, but Bjorn is what my friends call a "veterinarian's special" He started out life with a host of problems, mostly associated with his joints I ended up adopting him because no one would do a special surgery for him but me I fell in love, and have been happy to be his dad despite the fact that he has also needed surgeries for bad joints, allergies, and intestinal issues Then on top of all of this, his malformed joints created severe arthritis in all four limbs Pretty bad, right Good thing I own my own veterinary hospital I call Bjorn my loved boy Because he is Even

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