What Makes EverPup So Delicious?


Dogs love the taste of EverPup -- they seem to go crazy for the delicious flavorĀ  When the jar runs out, folks feel bad (myself included), because dogs miss the taste My Bjorn likes the taste of EverPup so much, he'll lick the powder straight from the jar, as you can see in the photo above You better believe that I feel guilty when a meal doesn't include that taste just because I forgot to get another jar So what makes EverPup so delicious Well, beef liver helps, of course Few dogs can resist liver It also turns out that few dogs can resist the flavor of Spirulina pacifica: the blue-green algae I include for its nutrition turns out to be a real palate-pleaser Crab shell extracts and healthy spices retain their rich flavors, too But I believe it goes much deeper than that As usual, the answer lies deep in Nature, deep in the body It turns out that animals don't select food only

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