Healthy Skin is Key to Relieve Itching in Dogs


  Just as with humans, all kinds of things cause itching in dogs And, just as with humans, a dog’s occasional itchiness is not a cause for concern However, if your dog seems to be obsessively scratching, chewing, or licking himself, it’s best to talk to your veterinarian It’s important to find out exactly why your dog is itchy so that he can be treated appropriately In addition to addressing the immediate cause of itching in dogs, improving the health of your dog’s skin and coat will help him better manage itchiness over the long term Healthy skin is the first step to minimizing itchiness and stopping related issues from arising Healthy skin is soft, supple, and retains moisture Unhealthy skin is dry, flaky, fragile--and itchy While healthy skin is less itchy by nature (already a win!), it also serves a protective purpose On the other hand, if your

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