Probiotics: The Scoop on Happy Dogs Poop


Happy dogs make happy poop What's happy poop look like Well, think of the last time you had to clean up after your dog's diarrhea (I know, that's not a happy memory of a happy sight) Now think of the opposite Happy poops are firm (not gooey, not rock hard), medium brown, and relatively inoffensive in their smell They're easy to pick up, and you don't turn your head and gag when you close up the poop bag Healthy poops like these are a sign of intestinal health It turns out the intestines are a very busy place in your dog This exceptionally long tube that stretches from your dog's stomach to his, er, bum, is filled with activity All sorts of wonderful things are absorbed by the intestines so that they can help your dog's body Not least, water is absorbed here, as well as nutrients, fuel, and vitamins from your dog's mealsĀ  Protein that was digested in the stomach, as well as

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