Why Should I use a Supplement if I am Already Feeding a Good Diet?


Do dogs need supplements if they're getting a good diet Long ago, the answer may have been no But in modern times, dogs definitely do need supplements to stay healthy With over 1,305 "National Priority Sites" -- sites classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as toxic dumps that need to be cleaned up ASAP -- as well as chemicals from factories, cars, household cleansers, bug and weed sprays the list of possibly toxic and definitely toxic materials our dogs are exposed to these days is long and, frankly, depressing These toxic materials include carcinogens, and carcinogens are harmful substances that can wreak havoc on healthy Unfortunately, these "invisible enemies," as I call them, can float in the air, seep into groundwater, and show up in soil tests Our dogs, who love to put their nose to the ground, might be contacting even more of these invisible enemies than

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