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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy - Why You Should Be Feeding Your Dog A Daily Supplement

Those who take their health seriously usually try to eat right and exercise regularly, and most also add a good supplement to their diet each day. If your dog is also a true member of the family, then you'll want to do everything possible to keep him healthy as well. Just like humans, dogs can develop issues at any time during their life span, but the right dietary supplement can keep them feeling their best for a long time to come.

How a Good Supplement Can Help Your Dog

Even when you do your best to provide your dog with the best food and daily exercise, he may still be missing the vital nutritional support that he needs to function at his very best. Thankfully, the right supplement can help your dog stay happy and healthy.

These are a few of the most important things that you'll want to look for in your dog's daily dietary supplement.

• Human-Grade Ingredients: Never give your dog a supplement that you couldn't take yourself. Choose only a quality supplement (not a pet quality supplement) that offers 100 percent human-grade ingredients. 

• Proper Vitamins and Minerals: Dogs have special nutritional needs, so you need to look for a supplement that contains the essential vitamins and minerals for canine health. These include vitamins A, B, D and E, selenium, magnesium oxide, iron, copper, iodine, zinc, manganese and potassium.

• Glucosamine: This compound forms naturally in the cartilage of a healthy pup, but it's sometimes lacking in older dogs. It will provide your dog with great joint support so that he will be running and jumping without pain well into his later years. 

• Silymarin: A derivative of the milk thistle plant, this provides excellent liver support. It's also considered a powerful antioxidant and supports normal cell turnover. 

• Beta Glucans: This compound comes from oat bran, and it offers your dog a completely natural boost to his immune system. As you know, your dog's naturally vibrant immune system is powerful protection. 

• Citrus Bioflavonoids: Derived from natural sweet orange hulls, these extracts are considered "super nutrients." They help support natural, normal cell turnover, and offer antioxidants, too.  

• Inulin: This is a prebiotic fiber, and it feeds probiotics (the good bacteria that keep digestion naturally strong). Inulin is derived from plants, and it targets the large intestine, helping your dog keep his or her normal, healthy weight. 

• Curcumin: Found in turmeric, this compound offers amazing benefits. It's got antioxidant properties, supports normal heart health and normal cell turnover, and offers wonderful joint support. 

• Spirulina Pacifica: Found only in the waters of Hawaii, this blue-green microalgae is full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and healthy fats. It helps the immune system, naturally detoxifies the body, boosts the blood, and offers heart, liver, and kidney support. Best of all? Dogs adore its unique flavor! 

Keep Your Dog His Normal, Healthy Self -- Starting Today

Give your dog the best chance at a long and healthy life by providing him with a yearly visit to the veterinarian, high quality food, plenty of clean water, lots of love, regular exercise and the EverPup Ultimate Daily Dog Supplement. Give your dog EverPup for two months and see what happens -- you might be amazed at how great your dog will look and feel.